When we held an "Open House" recently to show off our artwork, some people seemed reticent to attend. I suspect it's because people don't want to spend money these days on extraneous things. We are all sticking to the basics right? We need food, and money for heating bills. And then there are those unexpected but necessary bills...like Peter's. He's 14 and in basketball. This weekend is an all-day scrimmage session and team members need to provide food for 12!

So, I understand--people need to consevere. Things aren't easy. Like many others are experiencing, my writing opportunities have slowed way down. Things are hard. And some have said, "You can't sell artwork these days. Bad time for a new website."

But I've been thinking about that polarization..is it really food versus art? Yes, we need money for food but food doesn't last. Art, on the other hand, is something that lasts. And it lifts us up (or it should). It inspires us and dignifies our existance. ART IS IMPORTANT and it's necessary because art is Food for the Soul. The purpose of Drawing on Faith is to help guide others toward hope and perseverance ... in spite of everything.
So, I say, these hard times are the perfect time to put up a website about inpirational art (and we have writings here too!) Feed your soul today. Be inspired!